Helping to Improve the Act on Free Access to Information

Dátum: 14.11.2016

This project is realized thanks to the financial support from The Center for International Private Enterprise

Background: Improved public access to information was amongst priorities mentioned in the last Slovakian OGP report. Current provisions of the Law Nr. 211/2000 on Free Access to Information include many exceptions used by public authorities to hide important information such as public contracts, CVs of key personnel or details about their selection process (see the Annex). Prior to the Parliamentary elections in March 2016, INEKO together with two other NGOs initiated an open call to amend the Law Nr. 211/2000 (for details, see this). After elections, the new Minister of Justice decided to prepare a “big” amendment based on the older proposal and invited INEKO experts as well as experts from other NGOs and public institutions to participate in the preparation of the amendment. Consequently, INEKO experts participated in meetings of the working group at the Ministry of Justice.

Objective: To increase access to the information based on the Law on Free Access to Information; to involve private sector in advocacy and consultations on improving the Law on Free Access to Information and assessing its impact.

Duration: April – December 2017

Partners: Business Alliance of Slovakia