Solutions to Public Debt Crises in the EU: Seek Returns on That Investment (Views from Slovakia)

Dátum: 12.02.2014

Thank you so much for your kind email and the enclosed study on solutions to the Debt crisis. I have read it with a lot of interest and generally I consider it an excellent piece of work as it deals with major strategic questions. Notably I agree with your suggestion to revise the current capital requirement directive again to introduce an appropriate risk weight for sovereign debts, which is still not a must.
Günter Verheugen
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Peter Goliaš, Eugen Jurzyca
(Publication created in cooperation with the Polish Institute of International Affairs)

The purpose of providing financial assistance to indebted eurozone countries is to avoid uncontrolled bankruptcies that could lead to a breakdown of the euro area with severe negative consequences for all members of the EU. There is a high probability that the loans provided via the stability mechanisms will not be fully recovered. Nevertheless, the long-term benefits of those loans are expected to exceed the costs. Therefore, this form of financial assistance should be regarded as an investment that has its own rate of return, one that can be controlled for by insistence on adherence to certain rules of behaviour and diligent oversight.