Workshop "Crisis in the Eurozone: Slovak Experiences with the Common Currency"

Dátum: 22.11.2013

On November 22nd 2013 the institute INEKO hosted a workshop titled “Crisis in the Eurozone: Slovak Experiences with the Common Currency”. INEKO organized the workshop in cooperation with partner organizations from the V4+ countries with the Polish Institute of International Affairs as a main partner. The working language of the workshop was English.

The workshop was organized within the project Time for the Third Step? The V4+ and the Eurozone Accession, financed by the Visegrad Strategic Grant. This event could happen also thanks to the financial support from the Think Tank Fund – Open Society Foundations.

I had the feeling of participating in a world class niveau gathering of eminent professionals. You have managed to bring together the very best financial economists from Slovakia. I felt truly privileged for having been invited to the event. Many thanks, indeed.
Lajos Bokros

Thank you so much for your kind email and the enclosed study on solutions to the Debt crisis. I have read it with a lot of interest and generally I consider it an excellent piece of work as it deals with major strategic questions. Notably I agree with your suggestion to revise the current capital requirement directive again to introduce an appropriate risk weight for sovereign debts, which is still not a must.
Günter Verheugen
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Slovak Experiences with the Common Currency and the Debt Crisis
The euro zone entry: Expectations versus reality. What lessons can potential euro zone members learn from Slovakia? Does euro help to overcome the crisis? Euro impact on investment and growth. Other pros and cons of the entry.

Solutions to the Debt Crisis in some EU Member States
How deep should we go in building the fiscal union? Austerity versus growth dilemma. Which structural reforms should be implemented? How to remove bad debts from banks mainly in peripheral countries? Should monetary policy play key role in solving the crisis?

V4+ and the Eurozone Accession
What are pros and cons of the entry from the viewpoint of potential entrants?

  • Maciej Grabowski, Undersecretary of State, Ministry of Finance, Poland
    V4+ and the Eurozone Accession – Poland
    (Mr. Grabowski cancelled his participation because he was unexpectedly nominated as a Minister of Environment in Poland)
  • Paweł Tokarski, Senior Economic Research Fellow, Polish Institute of International Affairs, Poland
  • Mats Braun, Research Fellow at the Institute of International Relations, Czech Republic
    (Mr. Braun cancelled his participation due to illness)
  • Valentina Ivan, Associated Expert of the Expert Forum, Romania
    Euro zone: Forward looking the Romanian Experience
  • Olivér Kovács, Researcher at the ICEG European Centre, Hungary
    Hungary and the Euro – Challenges and Perspectives
  • Georgy Ganev, Head of Economic program at the Centre for Liberal Strategies, Bulgaria