Transfer of Slovak Economic Reform Know-How to Ukraine

Dátum: 09.07.2005

Project Manger: INEKO – Institute for Economic and Social Reforms, Bratislava, Slovakia

Project Partner: ICPS – International Centre for Policy Studies, Kyiv, Ukraine

Sponsor: SlovakAid (Slovak government’s Official Development Assistance, administered by UNDP)

Duration: Sept 2004 – June 2005

Total Budget: $50.400

The main goal of the project is to contribute to faster economic growth and poverty reduction of Ukraine through improved economic reform policy-making. This will be achieved through transferring of Slovakia’s economic reform know-how by providing Slovakia’s (and other V4 country) experts’ policy feedback to both public and to decision-makers. Indirectly, the project aims to make Ukrainian economy better prepared for eventual EU accession.

Upcoming presidential election in Ukraine (held in October/November 2004) offers an excellent opportunity to put economic policy debates into spotlight. Slovakia’s transition know-how can enrich the candidate debates on economic policies and consequently inform public, current and potential policy-makers as well as a wider expert community about viable policy alternatives facing Ukraine at the moment.

The project includes pre- and post-election activities. Before the elections, five main economic issues debated among the candidates will be chosen and analyzed by experts, relating Slovakia’s and other V4 countries’ transition and EU accession experience, policy options and choices made. As a result, policy briefs will be prepared. Issues tackling the unfavorable business environment in Ukraine will be of most interest.

After the election, once the new government has drafted its ruling agenda, two detailed policy papers on the hottest issues facing the new government will be produced by Slovak and other V4 country experts. Policy briefs together with papers will be published in a publication aimed at experts and wider public. Finally, a seminar with the participation of Slovak and Ukrainian economic experts (including those from the new government) will be held in Ukraine, focusing on the business climate reforms undertaken in Slovakia, such as the bank sector restructuring, the change of the labor code and bankruptcy legislation.

Schedule of Activities:

Time Activity
Early Sept 2004 Selection of campaign topics, description of main policy proposals, selection of experts
Sept 12-18 Visiting Partner and Presidential Candidate Economists, Slovak embassy and ngo representatives (see report)
Sept 20 Addressing experts with topics
Sept 20-30 Compiling the database of Ukrainian policymakers/experts who will receive the policy briefs
Oct 4 Compiling experts comments, writing briefs
Oct 6 Sending briefs to partner, translation
October 11 Publishing policy briefs, distribution to expert community, media
Oct-Nov Presenting briefs’ conclusions in media, presenting experts‘ views in media, collecting response data
Oct 31, Dec 26 First and second rounds of presidential elections in Ukraine
Dec-Feb Monitoring new government’s agenda
Feb 28 Selection of policy papers’ topics, seminar topic
Papers: 1. Tax Reform in Slovakia (P.Golias, INEKO, R.Kicina, Business Alliance of Slovakia), 2. Reforming Public Administration (M.Beblavy, Slovak Ministry of Labour)
Seminar: Reforming Business Environment in Ukraine – Lessons from Slovakia/Visegrad 4 countries
Apr 11 Deadline for papers, translation into Ukrainian
Apr 15 – May 15 Printing, distributing publication, presenting its conclusions in media
May 16 Seminar in Kyiv

Seminar in Kiev, Ukraine

Kyiv, May 16, 2005: Ivan Miklos (left) and Viktor Pynzenyk, Finance Ministers of Slovakia and Ukraine, respectively, opened the seminar on lessons from the Central European economic reforms for Ukraine.

Contact: Gabriel Sipos, INEKO,, tel.+421.2.5341 1331