Ing. Ivan Štefanec, MBA, PhD. was born on 30th September, 1961 in Považská Bystrica. During his 20 years professional career he worked as research worker and project manager at Považské strojárne, Považská Bystrica and also as Branch Manager of Ernst & Young. Since 1994 his career is connected with Coca-Cola. He started as Chief Financial Officer and Deputy General Manager and he was running company Coca-Cola Beverages Slovakia as General Manager for 5 years. His current responsibility is to prepare business for EU Enlargement in all accession countries. Mr. Štefanec is President of Business Alliance of Slovakia since foundation of this organization in 2001. He is winner of Dale Carnegie Leadership Award 2003 for leadership excellence in corporate human development and community improvement. He was considered for the position of European Commissioner based on the official nomination by Slovak Democratic and Christian Union.


Abstract of the speech:

European Union will enjoy the largest single world market. What are the recommended reforms to utilize this opportunity and to accelerate the growth? Strengths and weaknesses of European competitiveness. Structure of EU budget in view of developmental priorities.