Jeffrey Owens completed his doctoral work at Cambridge University in the United Kingdom in 1973. In addition to his economic degrees, he is a qualified accountant.

Jeffrey continues an academic career (Visiting Professor at the American University of Paris, Bocconi University, Italy and Queen Mary's College, London) with his career as an International Civil Servant. He has focused his attention on questions of tax policy and tax administration, with particular emphasis on international taxation and related domestic issues. He has established a major taxation programme at the OECD and extensively developed the OECD contacts with non-member countries. His earlier work dealt with the development of international currency markets and the implications for monetary policies.

He has made numerous contributions to professional journals, has published a number of books and has been the author of many OECD publications on taxation. Jeffrey's position at the OECD and his frequent participation in international conferences, have provided him with a unique international perspective on tax policy.

Jeffrey is also a member of the Scientific Committee of the International Institute of Public Finance, the International Fiscal Association and, apart from his professional activities, is a committed sailor, gardener, cook and father of four.

Jeffrey is currently the Director of the OECD Centre on Tax Policy and Administration which is the focal point for the Organisation's work on tax policy and tax administration.


Abstract of the speech:

Jeffrey Owens presentation will examine the tax environment for Foreign Direct Investment in the Economies in Transition and recent trends in OECD countries corporate tax systems.